Digital banking facility now available to overseas Pakistanis

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to Prime Minister for Overseas Pakistan and Human Resources Zulfi Bukhari has said that overseas Pakistanis will now be able to make direct banking payments and investments in the country, a national daily reported.

The government has decided to provide a digital banking facility to overseas Pakistanis, the SAPM informed. He also said that the government is providing an opportunity of investment to the Pakistani overseas community because the government wants to make the Overseas Pakistani community a key stakeholder in the country’s development.

Earlier the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) also decided to introduce a new mechanism to enable the companies in the country to make instant payments for acquiring digital services from the globally recognized digital service provider companies. SBP said in a statement that the local companies were granted access of various services from global companies instantly without any regulatory approval process. The SBP said the aim of introducing this new mechanism is to further enhance the ease of doing business in the country.


  1. Really appreciate 😍 your Efforts for overseas Pakistani Hope After 5years of Pti Next Gvt Also Imran Khan win prayers with you

  2. Please first of all gice overseas pakistanis a facility to open proper bank accounts having all banking facilities, then claim high. I opend bank account this year and they opend as non resident pakistani account and after they gave me a local third class card for atm which is not working anywhere except meezan bank. What a hell serbice is it?

  3. Meri Pakistan PTI hakoomat say request hai k documentation ka nizam theek krain plz…gareeb ki jaan nikalnay k liye tehsil council kachehri main bethay…jo officers bethay hain yeh bhairon pe sawar honay walay logg hain…officers shukkr krtay hain jbb shreef loggg orr an parh yaa koi echara majboor jatta hai….o bhai bahar jo road bnaya hai iss k bann janay say merri zindagi aasan nai hui…plz yeh krr do hmm greebon ki zalalat kmm ho jaye gee

    • Seem quite better idea, make some more innovative steps like one who has already accounts in Pakistan link them this new digital banking system which will help to carry on rather than to create new headache…

  4. Can FBR and SBP clarify that this new digital banking accounts / services for overseas Pakistanis will be free from WHT on debit transactions and withdrawal over Rs.50K and no WHT will be applied on profit on saving/term deposit for non-filer i.e by default will these accounts be classified as Tax Exempted for non-filer and filer as well?

  5. We are strongly agreed with Muhammad Hanif’s comments.

    WHT should be exampted non filer and filer.

    Mansoor Jhatial
    Dubai, UAE.

  6. Assalamu alkam sir i am shoukat hayat from pakistan live in saudia ariba yanbu i work in saudai ariba koren company from 2010 end 2017 our name bong kyung 2017 he no give sarly 9 month 29269 saudia rayial after we complan saudia louber court .louber court say wait .our company now ranaway we are waiting 3 year so now i need your help how we recived this money also our iqama expire pakistan mbc no help in saudia my 00966590865042

  7. Well done Zulfi u did a great job to transfer their money direct to their own accounts and can transfer the money to other accounts to buy property etc..
    online banking is good

  8. As usual, no proper service, no proper information, no facility. Just open the digital account to send money to looters so that they can analyze how much money u r earning and then they will charge u tax on each transaction and so on and on and on. What if I need money back from Pakistan to overseas? Will they allow me to do so? The answer is No, never.
    The government which is charging u with heavy tax on your own single phone as a overseas Pakistani, then what should we expect more from current policies.
    It’s just a trap to grab ur hardworking money. Once ur money is transferred to Pakistan, u cannot get it back.
    Thank you for ur service, at least I don’t need it.

  9. @Jamal and Kamal
    Spot on! khan sahab ditched the overseas, Mobile-Phone tax is a prime example!

    Also no relaxation on incoming calls from overseas, “In our neighbour, Indians can call for free on there landlines from foreign but Pakistanis can’t….
    Not everyone have an access to wifi or internet in Pakistan..

  10. Stop begging money from these Arabs (AHs), give overseas Pakistani a constitutional guarantee that your or any future coming Govt. will not touch our money that we deposit in Pakistani banks to support foreign exchange reserves. If you can’t do this you are no different then rest of the THUGS.

  11. hello mr zulfi bukhari,since long time i wanted to write you but i never get your E MAILaddress so unfortunatly today i have a chance to write you something.the first thing last night i was very happy to heard that state bank announcment about to open bank accounts without visiting the country becouse when i came last time the banks not open our account becouse our biomatics are not matching and we have no time to refresh them from nadra.
    but when i read your web side i feel only overseas pakistani is the UAE people not any other this scheme in only for them.i read each and everything i just find bulshit.i understand its not pti or you or imran khan but the whole nation is crupt evry department make schemes in papers but nothing practical you or yours govt do not understand.
    mr zulfi i am living in miami usa i want your attention one more point in these days in pakistan i read and watch throly the gang rape on motorway also you need to take care of that mishape becouse the lady is a overseas pakistani.i tell you their is no dako waiting on the motorway that one lady with 2 children alone will come and her car gas finish and we will rape.the only people informed was police i am hundred percent sure that the rapest is only police nobody els.othe all police take some action if you can.
    one more thong i want to tel you that i buy a 3 kanal plot in pakistan many years before but a factory next take my plot nobody helping can a overses pakistanis invest over their.

    i know very well you will not read this but i am trying.

  12. Mr Zulfiqar
    Sir, you need to rectify the problem of digital banking that if someone wants their pension then local deposit should be possible in the digital account however the digital account wont be worth to open up, as a customer why people will remit into the digital account, while they are living abroad there is no point to transfer fund from overseas to Pakistan, digital bank account can be operate like regular account doesn’t matter customer want to deposit or not but local deposit must be possible please resolve this issue thanks
    and overseas customer can operate via online banking.

  13. my Brother zulfibukhary im Rana Muhammad Ashraf im withdrawal money pakistan transfer Im love pm imran khan sahb im all usa uk Asia bank to transfer money pakistn my mother denJrass pozeshan house and my family help fory Im said my brother im sbp bank Govrnar Rzabaqir sahb took my house fory 50 million Pakistani Ropees my house my mother hand pay I’m Wetang you great man my mother house to pay fory transfer thanks

  14. I think as a pakistani we have to do something for our country
    Its really good thing lot pakistani will have benefit from this site
    Pakistan zindabad

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