FATF ‘recognises Pakistan’s efforts’ to fulfil action plan: MoF

ISLAMABAD: The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has reviewed Pakistan’s progress on FATF action plan in its Plenary meeting on 23rd October 2020, and has acknowledged that the country has made progress across all action plan items and has now “largely addressed” 21 of the 27 action items.

“The FATF has taken note of the significant progress made by Pakistan on a number of action plan items,” said a statement issued by the Ministry of Finance. “Recognizing Pakistan’s sustained and irreversible efforts on implementation of FATF Action Plan, the FATF has upgraded nine action plan items in its October 2020 Plenary.”

There is no item remaining in the “incomplete” category.

It is pertinent to mention that prior to this plenary, Pakistan had addressed 14 out of 27 items and now FATF reviewed compliance of remaining 13 action plan items during current plenary.

The action plan items that have been addressed by Pakistan include highly important areas of financial sector, illegal Hawala/Hundi, cross-border currency regime, international cooperation in terrorist financing cases, amendments to the Anti-Terrorism Act, implementation of targeted financial sanctions by financial institutions, applying sanctions for AML/CFT violations, and controlling facilities and services owned or controlled by designated persons and entities.

“This is indicative of the confidence of FATF on the efforts of Pakistani government.”

However, in view of the six items in “Partially Addressed” category, the plenary meeting decided to maintain status quo with respect to classification of Pakistan, for the time being. Considerable work has already been carried-out on these six items. Pakistan shall continue to make efforts to complete the remaining items in line with its strategy by February 2021.

FATF will undertake the next review of Pakistan’s Progress in February 2021.


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