HBL digitises personal loans – another win for banking in Pakistan

LAHORE: In a world that is quickly shifting to a virtual environment, everyone and everything has found a new identity. HBL’s advanced digital solutions are playing a major role in Pakistan with regards to how we see and experience financial services.

Currently, this banking giant is revolutionising loans by digitising the personal loan application and disbursal process.

Previously the idea of loans brought forth thoughts and associations that orbited massive debt, endless paperwork, inevitable borrowing of large sums of money to cater to weddings, medical bills for a critical illness, and education.

HBL’s PersonalLoan service is quickly vaporizing the former identity that loans had, now being seen as instant solutions to the needs we have in the 21st century. With HBL Mobile app, a customer can apply and get their personal loan application approved within a minute and get instant disbursement into their accounts allowing them to go on and purchase a phone, laptop, smart watch, TV, anything else they might need, without even having to visit the bank or submitting any paperwork.

Companies like HBL are indeed helping shape a frictionless digital future where we no longer have to wait or ignore our priorities while making life instant, convenient and paperless.

We look forward to more revolutionary solutions like HBL PersonalLoan via HBL Mobile that continues to support the digitised world we live in today.

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