‘Blind’ police fire kills student in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: A youth was shot dead in Islamabad late Friday night when the personnel of the counter-terrorism force (CTF) purportedly opened indiscriminate fire on a vehicle.

Reports suggest Usama Nadeem, a 21-year-old resident of Islamabad, was returning after dropping off a friend when the incident happened near G-10 Srinagar Highway.

Citing police sources, an INP report said Islamabad police late last night received a tip-off about a robbery attempt in Shamas Colony neighbourhood. At this, the police rushed to the locality.

After spotting the suspected car with tinted glasses, the CTF personnel signalled it to stop. However, the driver of the vehicle failed to comply with the directive. The police party then chased the car till Sector G-10 where the personnel shoot at the tyres.

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Accidently, the bullets were received by the student who died on the spot, the police said.

Unverified tweets suggest 22 shots were fired of which 17 hit the student mostly on the face and upper body.

Four CTF personnel including a sub-inspector said to be involved in the incident were arrested.

Islamabad Inspector General of Police (IGP) Amir Zulfiqar took notice of the incident and directed the CTS superintendent of police (SP) to investigate the incident.

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  1. This is all bcz of our illiterate police, they should not have shot the boy instead they should have followed him, warned the boy or burst his car tyres, this is not the way that u rapidly fire the boy’s car just bcz it felt suspicious.

    • Obviously the way they fired at the car reflects what the CTD officials involved in the incident wanted. They should be handed capital punishment period. No one sprays bullets even on a terrorist. But I highly doubt anything substantial will come out given the corrupt state ot affairs of different departments including the judiciary and police. I can just pray for Natural Justice to prevail and that is the harshest possible justice.

  2. The police claim that he was signalled to stop but he didn’t and they resorted to open fire. On the contrary, bullet holes can be seen in the windscreen which means he was shot while approaching the police post.

  3. Trust me, none of the perpetrators will get punishment. Their higher ups defend their wrongdoings, committing even bigger injustice to innocent victims. This institution is corrupt to the core. Mark my words. They will come out soon. The high officials tell nothing but bundle of lies. Sitting in their centrally heated and aircondioned tooms, they have become inhumane. No justice can he expected in Pakistan.

  4. Such illiterate police caused the death of innocent Usama. What should we expect from the defenders the Protectors of our country, they themselves causes such threads …Hope for the justice of Usama …If the higher authorities don’t do justice, Allah Pak will do the best justice InshaAllah.

  5. Great that Mr IG was sacked. DIG and DSPs also need to be sacked. They sign all reports, fake reports, without even reading them once. In sha Allah they all will land straight in Hell.


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