Indian farmers burn legislation in show of defiance

GHAZIABAD: Indian farmers burnt copies of the government’s new agricultural laws on Wednesday, pressing on with their protest against the reforms despite a decision by the Supreme Court to postpone implementation while their grievances are heard.

Tens of thousands of farmers have been camped on the outskirts of the capital, New Delhi, for almost two months, protesting against what they say are laws designed to benefit large private buyers at the expense of growers.

The government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi denies this, saying the legislation is required to reform an agricultural sector beset by waste.

At several protest sites on Wednesday, farmers threw copies of the three new laws on bonfires lit for the Hindu Lohri mid-winter festival.

“These laws are not in farmers’ interests,” said Gursevak Singh, 32, one of the protesters involved in the burning at a protest site in Ghaziabad, a satellite city of New Delhi.

“We want the government to use their brains and repeal these laws.”

Unrest among India’s estimated 150 million farmers represents one of the biggest challenges to Modi’s rule since his Bharatiya Janata Party won a second term in power in 2019.

One of the BJP’s coalition partners resigned when the laws were first introduced in September, and the issue risks uniting India’s often-fractioned opposition.

India’s Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered a temporary suspension of the laws while a four-member committee looks into the protesters’ grievances.

But farm leaders have refused to cooperate with the committee and say they will intensify their protests, including around Republic Day celebrations in the capital later this month.

“We expect to mobilise up to two million farmers across the country on January 26,” Kulwant Singh Sandhu, general secretary of Jamhuri Kisan Sabha, one of the main farm unions, told Reuters.

Farmers have consistently called for the total repeal of the laws, though the government says there is “no question” of this happening.

Eight rounds of talks have failed to break the deadlock. The two sides are next due to meet on Friday.

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    There are many state polls due soon ! The Oil supply chain is disrupted and the COVID surge is some time away.Oil Prices will keep rising.That will cause a coalition of Inflation and Dalit Rights with the Indian Farmers.

    To divert the people from the above,Chaiwala will impose CAA and NRC and stage False Flag attacks in Central India and Delhi/Mumbai, to divert attention and taint the farmers protest – with the aim to bias public opinion and impose NSA and UAPA.

    That will form the coalition of Muslims,Farmers,Dalits and Other Destitutes of India.COVID = Coalition of
    Victims of Indian Despotism.

    Thereafter,Tikait has to make the pincer moves in each state where the polls are due.That will sink the BJP.

    If the COVID surge resumes in EU/USA (even if not in India),Oil rates will fall,but there will be an even more
    intense slowndown in India.That will attract the unemployed to the COVID coalition.

    Chaiwala did no Oil Hedges at 15 USD – the fool ACTUALLY THOUGHT that the world will come to a HALT ! The GOI has no plan and no solution for Oil Prices.

    The Next Step for Tikait is to monetise the agitation and raise capital for a political venture. The 1 lesson for
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    Therefore,the time is ripe for Tikait to start a KISAN (Farmer) TV and Newspaper,in all the local languages of North India- covering all issues of the farmers/dalits,and their families – from their birth to their death – and thereafter.It can start on the e-platform,with varied language softwares – and then,if required,a print edition can be started.

    Simultaenous with the above,Tikait can start a Radio show “Tikait ki Baat” to wipe out the Chaiwala and his Mann Ki Baat.There is NO CONNECT between Indian Farmers and the Chaiwala.

    The Indian Media is 3 rate and worthless – BECAUSE ,it is owned and managed by Banias and Brahmins. These weasels have always been supplicants and slaves,to the rulers of the day.So long as the dumb Jats and Sikhs,keep dying at the Borders,for these weasels,these weasels will continue with the evikl machinations.

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