CM Buzdar approves incentive allowance for 29 PRA officials

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has approved “incentive allowance” for the 29 officials of Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA), Pakistan Today learnt on Thursday.

According to sources, the provincial finance department has communicated to the PRA chairperson with regard to the approval of the allowance.

“The chief minister has approved the incentive allowance for the 29 PRA employees on the recommendation of the selection board. The case for granting the allowance to the PRA officers was placed in the meeting of the selection board, held in July last year under the chairmanship of provincial chief secretary,” the sources said.

“The selection board had recommended for incentive allowance worth Rs200,000 to grade-20 officers, Zain Ul Abidin Sahi, Ahsan Raza Chaudhry, Saqib Aqeel and Javed Iqbal Sheikh, worth Rs150,000 to grade-19 officers, Imran Hayee Khan, Ali Mansoor, Rabia Shah and Tahira Javed, worth Rs100,000 to grade-18 officers, Sadia Akmal, Farhan Sattar, Shafqat Rasool Sindhu, Zaka Ullah, Ifra Tabbasum, Ahmad Hassan, Mohammad Afzal Bashir, Mohammad Afzal and Mohammad Usman Tahir, worth Rs75,000 to grade-17 officers, Kanwal Sabir and Zahoor Mohammad Quershi, worth Rs50,000 to grade-16 officers, Altaf Hussain and Shahbaz Khalid, and worth Rs50,000 to grade-7 employees, Mohammad Kashif, Sajjad Ahmad, Janghir Ali, Ahsan Ali, Mohammad Ilyas, Shaukat Ali and Mohammad Maqsood,” they added.

The sources said the police personnel working in the PRA would be allowed incentive allowance only if they do not draw pay in accordance with the pay package of Punjab Police. “The selection board can review the rates of incentive allowance after one year subject to satisfactory performance of the incumbents,” the sources further said.

It is pertinent to mention that the provincial government had also notified incentive allowance for the regular servants appointed in projects, programmes, policy units and cells, companies, authorities, foundations, and funds.

Under the notified policy, grade-22 officers can get up to Rs350,000 while employees from grade 1 to 4 can get Rs20,000 as allowance in addition to their admissible salary.

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