Tarin holds maiden meeting of capital market council

ISLAMABAD: The establishment of Capital Market Advisory Council (CMAC) was long overdue as capital markets can improve risk-sharing and the efficiency with which capital is allocated to the real economy, thereby boosting economic growth and development, said Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin.

Chairing the first meeting of CMAC on Monday, he said that the underlying rationale of the body was to attract investors, especially the ones with lesser resources, to contribute to the capital markets so that their limited resources could be channelised into productive uses.

The finance secretary briefed the council members about the purpose behind the formation of the CMAC.

“The underlying rationale is to attract investors, especially ones with lesser resources, to contribute in capital markets so that their limited resources are channelised into more productive use. The reforms will be introduced after having input from all the relevant stakeholders,” he stressed.

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