Dollar touches highest ever mark at Rs168.9 in interbank trade

ISLAMABAD: The value of the dollar reached an all-time high against the rupee on Tuesday, reaching Rs168.9 in the interbank market.

Earlier on Monday, the Forex Association of Pakistan (FAP) reported that buying and selling rates of dollar in the open market were recorded at Rs168.6 and Rs169.4, respectively.

According to Mettis Global, the rupee slipped by 80 paisa against the dollar on Tuesday morning, continuing its losing streak against the greenback.

The update said the dollar was being traded at Rs168.9 at 11:41 am, compared to the previous day’s close of Rs168.09.

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Meanwhile, the greenback appreciated 70 paisa against the rupee in the open market and was being traded at Rs169.7.

Meanwhile, the price of euro depreciated by 88 paisas and closed at Rs198.17 against the last day’s trading of Rs199.05 whereas a decline of Rs 1.01 was witnessed in the exchange rate of British Pound, which was traded at Rs 232.18 as compared to its last closing of Rs233.19, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) reported on Monday.


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