PM urges corporations to raise employee salaries

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday appealed to the corporations in Pakistan to increase salaries of their employees after top corporations in the country registered a record profit of Rs950 billion last year.

On his twitter handle, the prime minister appreciated Serene Air for responding to his call and making an announcement of a 44 per cent pay increase of its low paid employees.

“I appreciate Serene Air’s AVM Safdar(R) for responding to my call & announcing a pay rise of 44 per cent for low paid employees & 15-25 per cent for other employees. I urge the top 100 corporations in Pakistan, who made record profits of Rs950 billion in the last year, to also raise their employees’ salaries,” he posted in a tweet.

In a previous tweet, the prime minister had also appreciated the president & CEO of a private television channel for responding to his call and raising the salaries of employees.

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