Weekly inflation rises by 3.38pc, annual rate reaches record 27.8pc

The rate of inflation in the country in the last week was 3.38% while the rate of annual inflation has reached a record high of 27.8%.

According to details, the price of 36 essential items increased, nine items reminded stationary, while prices of six essential items decreased in the last week. Prices of petroleum, electricity, pulses, meat and chicken went up in the last week, the report said.

The price of diesel increased by 28.91%, petrol by 11.43%, and electricity by 6.63%. Chicken prices increased by 12.10%, potatoes increased by 6.89%, the prices for pulses increased by 5.90%, and beef prices increased by 5.19%.

It is to be noted that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has announced countrywide protests against the rampant inflation in the country.

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