Increase in taxation through consultations, says Miftah

Finance Minister Miftah Ismail on Saturday said the government was in the process of bringing “millions of shops into the tax net” as he vowed to expand the tax base further over the next few months through “consultations” with stakeholders.

The PML-N leader made these remarks on Twitter in response to a tweet wherein a user had called out the government for letting the retailers off the hook with a “small fixed tax” and going after salaried individuals instead to generate more revenue.

In response, Miftah said he had brought jewelers into the tax net and will bring designers, lawyers, and doctors into the tax net. He added that the government was also in talks to bring small shopkeepers and into the tax-paying category.

According to Miftah, he would bring real estate brokers, builders, housing society developers, car dealers, restaurants, salons etc into the tax net. “But nothing forced. With consultation,” Miftah said as he revealed the government’s approach to increasing the country’s tax base.

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