on-boards as a partner for RIZQ

Lahore, Pakistan – 13th July, 2022 –, Pakistan’s largest online job platform, has on-boarded the Karachi-based insurtech startup, to be a partner for RIZQ, a financial wellness app that promises to make access to financial products and services effortlessly easy for Pakistani salaried professionals. With carefully curated partnerships and tailored products, RIZQ will act as a financial passport for the employed.

The partnership between RIZQ and will empower millions of earning professionals to digitally access flexible and affordable health insurance plans. The collaboration will pave the way for greater insurance penetration in Pakistan.

On this occasion S. H. Kazi, CEO of, said “The partnership with will enable RIZQ users to manage health contingencies by consuming optimally designed insurance solutions for themselves and their loved ones. Inclusion-focused plans can be self-designed effortlessly by the users to achieve the desired level of protection.”

Health insurance remains one of the most important factors in a healthy lifestyle. Over the last several years, people did not think about health insurance due to a lack of awareness or high rates. We are changing that in collaboration with RIZQ. People will now be able to explore quality health insurance options for themselves and their families with at an affordable rate through RIZQ” says Sibtain Jiwani, CEO

About and RIZQ

ROZEE.PK is Pakistan’s largest online job platform, connecting 150,000 employers with 10 million digitally enabled salaried professionals. RIZQ is an upcoming financial wellness app of ROZEE.PK for the salaried cohort. RIZQ will effortlessly guide its users on a path toward financial wellness by consuming tailored financial products. Earlier this month, RIZQ released a carpooling platform for the employed as a pre-launch feature, where they can reduce their commuting expense by sharing the ride to their office.

About is an insurance marketplace that works with 10+ insurance partners to enable consumers to compare and buy a range of insurance products.

The partnership of RIZQ and makes getting insured effortlessly easy for the Pakistani working class while bringing RIZQ one step closer to you.

With RIZQ, financial wellness ab asaan hai!

Visit for more information.

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