SECP takes notice of surrogate ads by cryptocurrency exchanges and betting platforms

Companies warned against indulging in business with surrogate entities

ISLAMABAD: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), taking notice of the increasing trend of surrogate advertisements on certain internet-based cryptocurrency exchanges and betting platforms, has directed all companies, including limited liability partnerships (LLPs), not to enter into any type of advertisement or sponsorship agreements with entities involved in surrogate advertising.

Surrogate advertising is a loophole. For example in India there has long been a law in some states that bans the advertising of alcohol. So what alcohol companies do to get around this is launch a product with very similar brand recognition to their alcohol. 

Similarly, one of the main sponsors of Pakistan Cricket Board used to be Dafa News. Now, a website called Dafa News definitely existed and was a news website. But it was owned and operated by DafaBet, which is a well known betting company. While the law does not allow DafaBet to sponsor in Pakistan, there is nothing stopping a news website like Dafa News from sponsoring. Hence, a loophole. 

The SECP expanded on this by saying that the surrogate advertising is the promotion of banned products, digital coins, and betting platforms as substitute goods, often through indirect means like sponsorship of sports events, aiming to implant the brand in consumers’ minds. It has also been observed that various online platforms, disguised as sports blogs and news websites, are promoting illegal digital coins, online betting, and cryptocurrency investments.

The Notification issued under Section 40B of the SECP Act advised all companies and LLPs to immediately terminate all existing agreements with such surrogate entities/companies and ensure compliance in true letter and spirit.

As per the regulations by the government of Pakistan, any kind of betting is illegal under the Prevention of Gambling Act 1977, whereas cryptocurrency through online platforms was recently suspended in May 2023.

According to the SECP, the public is strongly advised to exercise extreme caution while making investments in such internet platforms and mobile apps. None of the individuals, companies, or entities advertising cryptocurrencies in Pakistan have been recognized or authorized by the SECP or other regulatory bodies. Thus, the investments promoted by these entities carry risks and may be part of fraudulent schemes.

Ghulam Abbas
Ghulam Abbas
The writer is a member of the staff at the Islamabad Bureau. He can be reached at [email protected]



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