Pakistan Refinery announces shutdown for 38 days

Maintenance and inspection turnaround starting from January 30 

Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL) on Monday announced to carry out maintenance and inspection turnaround starting from January 30, 2024, for approximately 35 to 38 days. 

According to a notice sent to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the refinery will remain shut down during this period. 

Established in May 1960, Pakistan Refinery Limited operates as a public limited company, specialising in the production and sale of petroleum products. It operates as a subsidiary of Pakistan State Oil Company (PSO). 

PRL maintains an effective preventive maintenance system to ensure the identification and availability of required resources. Moreover, one of PRL’s most crucial objectives as part of its strategic planning is to ensure uninterrupted refinery operations. 

To achieve this goal, PRL continuously develops preventive maintenance plans aimed at maintaining uninterrupted operations of the refinery.  

Additionally, the company has established agreements with other oil marketing companies and crude oil suppliers to ensure a smooth supply chain at both ends.


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