PDWP approves over Rs9b in development projects for Punjab

Projects aim to enhance Punjab's infrastructure, energy efficiency, and public service facilities

The Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) has sanctioned five key schemes across various sectors in Punjab, tallying an investment of Rs9.914 billion.

The decision came during a session chaired by Iftikhar Ali Sahoo, the Chairman of the Planning and Development Board.

The greenlit projects encompass a broad spectrum of areas including regional planning, energy conservation, governance improvements, and infrastructural upgrades.

Notably, the projects aim to enhance Punjab’s infrastructure, energy efficiency, and public service facilities, marking a pivotal step in the province’s development trajectory.

Among the approved initiatives is the Regional Planning in Punjab project, allocated Rs477.647 million, aimed at strategic regional development.

The Energy Efficiency & Conservation Programme (PGDP, DLI-5) (Revised) receives Rs3.445 billion, focusing on reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainable practices.

Additionally, the revamp of Data Centre Services, with enhanced availability and backup facilities for the Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA), is set to proceed with a budget of Rs785.602 million.

The rehabilitation and renovation of the LG&CD Building and H-Block (now Ravi Block) in the Punjab Civil Secretariat, Lahore, alongside improved parking facilities, have been assigned Rs657.776 million.

A significant portion of the funding, Rs4.548 billion, is dedicated to constructing 313 residences for Police Officers/Officials (BS 1-20) in Lahore (Phase-II), addressing housing needs for law enforcement personnel.

The meeting saw attendance from secretaries of the relevant sectors, members of the Planning and Development Board, heads of pertinent departments, and senior representatives from provincial departments, highlighting the collaborative effort towards provincial development.



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