SECP cancels licenses of three brokerage firms

Xpert Securities, CAMCO (Pvt) Limited, and Enrichers Securities (Pvt) Limited are the brokerage firms impacted

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has revoked the licenses of three brokerage firms, leading to the deactivation or suspension of their trading terminals, a notice from the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) revealed on Monday.

Xpert Securities Limited, one of the affected firms, saw its license canceled following its application for the voluntary surrender of the Trading Right Entitlement Certificate (TRE Certificate) and failure to seek renewal of its brokerage license. This action resulted in the deactivation of its trading terminals.

CAMCO (Private) Limited faced the suspension of its trading terminals due to non-compliance with regulatory standards and the absence of an application for license renewal.

Similarly, Enrichers Securities (Private) Limited experienced suspension for regulatory violations and for not applying for the renewal of its broker license.

These measures have been taken to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and safeguard the interests of investors, highlighting the SECP’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the trading environment.



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