Poultry prices hit all-time high in countrywide surge

Price of chicken hovers between Rs 760 to Rs 800 per kilogram

The poultry prices have skyrocketed over Rs 700 per kilogram in different parts of the country as profiteers are seizing the opportunity ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr.

In Lahore, chicken prices have surged in tandem with the nationwide trend. Joining the upward spiral of beef and mutton costs, chicken has now slipped out of reach for the lower and middle classes.

Chicken meat is being sold from Rs 740 to Rs 760 in different neighborhoods of Lahore.

Similarly, in Karachi, the price of chicken hovers between Rs 760 to Rs 800 per kilogram.

Despite the official rates set by the Commissioner Karachi—Rs. 428 for live chicken and Rs. 666 for chicken meat—official prices remain elusive in the city’s markets.

Meanwhile, in the federal capital of Islamabad, chicken meat fetches Rs. 740 per kilogram, while in Peshawar, it surpasses Rs. 600 per kilogram.

During the holy month of Ramadan, chicken meat prices surged from Rs 410 to Rs 475 per kilogram.

Similarly, at the outset of Ramadan, prices leaped from Rs. 595 to Rs. 690 per kilogram.

In the last four weeks of Ramadan, chicken meat prices escalated by 10 to 12% on Saturdays and Sundays compared to regular days, exacerbating inflationary strains ont he populace.





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