New investment spark surge in maritime employment opportunities

The maritime sector holds immense importance in Pakistan’s economy, enabling trade, transportation, and global connectivity. Given its substantial maritime influence, with shipping, cargo handling, and industrial services within port areas directly contributing to job creation, which is crucial for sustaining a flourishing and resilient maritime industry. Global container terminal operators like PSA, Hutchison Ports, DP World, or APM Terminals create numerous operational jobs at the local port level.

This is why it is extremely important to invest in Pakistan’s logistics sector as it creates job opportunities within Pakistan’s maritime sector, which is paramount for driving economic growth and fostering sustainable development. As investments pour into port facilities from AD Ports Group at KGTL and Hutchison Ports at SAPT, a ripple effect is observed across various segments of the maritime industry, resulting in a surge in employment opportunities. From the expansion of port facilities to the recruitment of skilled seafarers, the maritime sector offers a diverse array of job prospects.

Increased investment in port infrastructure not only creates employment within the facilities themselves but also fuels demand for workers in related industries, such as logistics, transportation, and warehousing. For instance, there has been an overall increase in registered ships, therefore there has been increase in demand of seafarers also. Based on seafarer’s employment numbers in year 2015 and number of registered ships, the average seafarer’s employment on per ship comes to approximately 18. These contributed 0.57 billion US dollars which accounts for almost 3% of the remittances. The projected cumulative remittance is expected to increase to 1348 million USD by 2029. This is almost two-fold visà-vis remittance inflow by seafarers in 2018 and more than 6 percent of the total remittances (approx. 20 billion US dollars) by Pakistani’s overall expatriate working abroad in 2018. As maritime trade flourishes with enhanced port capabilities, there is a growing need for fleet staff to manage and operate vessels, further contributing to job creation. 

The maritime sector serves as a vital link in facilitating imports and exports, thereby stimulating job growth in trade-related fields. Investment in the maritime sector uplifts maritime communities by providing opportunities for local residents to engage in various aspects of maritime activities, ranging from shipbuilding to coastal tourism. Therefore, fostering potential in job opportunities within the maritime sector is not only instrumental in driving economic prosperity but also in empowering communities and ensuring sustainable growth for Pakistan.

A vast labor force is employed in logistics and industrial clusters linked to various port operations such as ship loading and unloading, ship services, land transport, logistics activities, cargo services, industrial production, and government agencies. The skills and interactions of port-related employees contribute to the competitiveness of seaports, while indirect employment effects are generated through linkages with other economic sectors and interactions with larger logistics hubs outside port areas.

Direct employment encompasses the roles provided by local firms offering support services to the seaport, reliant on port activity for their existence. These roles span various activities within the port cluster, including dockwork, ship agency, piloting, freight forwarding, and terminal operations, among others.

Ports also yield indirect employment through local purchases by port-related entities, fostering linkages with other economic sectors and larger logistics hubs beyond port precincts. Employees of port-related firms contribute to induced jobs by spending their wages and salaries locally, benefitting sectors like retail, healthcare, and government services. Furthermore, related jobs stem from manufacturing and distribution firms dependent on efficient cargo handling at seaports, with the proximity to ports influencing job dynamics. While inefficient port operations may impact employment in related industries, a shift in cargo flows between ports can sustain employment levels in distant hinterland areas. Ultimately, the demand for final products drives employment opportunities beyond specific port or terminal usage.

Investment in port infrastructure, in the container and bulk terminal operations, is poised to generate a substantial impact, creating ripple effects spanning various skill levels and sectors. These roles will entail crane operators, logistics coordinators, and terminal maintenance personnel. Indirectly, the snowball effect of the investment will extend to related industries and services, fostering job growth in areas such as transportation, warehousing, and hospitality. By prioritizing Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) practices, the organization ensures a secure working environment and contributes to the creation of sustainable employment opportunities.

The commitment to providing high-skilled training to its workforce underscores the dedication to human capital development. By equipping employees with specialized skills and knowledge relevant to the maritime industry, KGTL cultivates a talent pool capable of driving innovation and efficiency within the sector. Their initiative to facilitate employee placement abroad, AD Ports Group taps into the potential of remittances as a vital source of foreign exchange for Pakistan. By enabling skilled workers to secure employment opportunities overseas, KGTL not only contributes to their personal and professional growth but also bolsters Pakistan’s economy through the inflow of remittances, thus fostering economic resilience and stability.


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