Pakistan’s weekly inflation rises by 0.94%

Weekly inflation in Pakistan, as measured by the Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI), surged by 0.94% across all consumer categories for the week ending June 20, according to the latest report from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

The SPI, which uses a base year of 2015-16 = 100 and tracks 51 essential items across 17 urban centers, rose to 316.88 points from 313.93 points the previous week. Compared to the same week last year, the SPI showed a substantial increase of 23.78% for combined consumption groups.

Breaking down the data further, the lowest consumption group, with expenditures up to Rs 17,732, saw a 1.58% increase in SPI, rising to 309.10 points from 304.28 points last week. Meanwhile, consumption groups with expenditures between Rs 17,732-22,888, Rs 22,889-29,517, Rs 29,518-44,175, and above Rs 44,175 experienced SPI increases of 1.44%, 1.20%, 1.11%, and 0.69% respectively.

During the week, prices of 25 out of 51 items (49.02%) rose, while prices of 5 items (9.80%) fell and 21 items (41.18%) remained stable. Notably, significant increases were observed in the prices of tomatoes (65.84%), potatoes (5.61%), and onions (3.78%), among others. Conversely, items like petrol (-3.76%) and diesel (-0.84%) saw price decreases.

Comparing prices year-on-year, substantial decreases were noted in items such as wheat flour (-32.90%), chicken (-20.60%), and cooking oil (-16.17%), while items like gas charges for Q1 (570.00%) and tomatoes (191.00%) saw significant price increases.

This data underscores the ongoing volatility in consumer prices, reflecting broader economic challenges impacting daily essentials and consumer purchasing power across Pakistan.


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