Finance Minister inaugurates Rs 40,000 premium prize bond


Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has inaugurated the premium prize bond worth Rs 40,000 with features of monthly profit and prize of Rs 80 million on draw basis.

Premium prize bond will be issued in the name of the investor with direct crediting facility of prize money and profit into investor’s bank account.

It will be available for sale to individuals, public and private institutions except banks, insurance companies and mutual funds through State Bank branches in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta.

Addressing the ceremony, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said that the premium bond will yield profit every six months.




  1. Profit is tooooo less,,,
    ,instead govt must have enhanced profit rates on other in vogue schemes rather than keep decreasing to miserable standards

  2. What else you want… get 1.5% in 6 months and enjoy ..even go to world tour or have great parties with ur firends…….insane Pakistani awam…I m sure their would be lines in getting this bond….and in lines people are complaining govt policies 🙂

  3. No reply of my questions since todate ?
    Govt.may ask to increase profit rate to 5% .
    Profit rate already decrease on SSC and on DSC to 6% which is lowest of all time which decreseases investment in the batchet schemes

  4. this Scheme is only for big people who want to whiten their black money. Profit rate should be 5% and prize amount to be reduced to 1 crore with 8 winners of 1st prize. But again as i said …. its not for public.

  5. Instead of 80 million singe prize I would like to suggest eight prizes of 10 million each on 6 month basis. It would enhance the interest of public .

    very glad to inaugurate this bond by govt of the pakistan and best for to control inflation in our country

  7. koi soodi kam chorna na….. jo thoray boht log avoid kartay hain . un ko bhi ghaseet k le ao sood khori main. say no to sood.


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