Energy ministry lifts ban on recruitment in BS-1 to BS-16 in power sector

ISLAMABAD: Good news for those aspiring to get a job in power sector should get ready to secure an opportunity as Ministry of Energy has now lifted the ban on the recruitments in BS-1 to BS-16, it was learnt reliably.

Available copy of a letter issued from Ministry of Energy (Power Division) on December 5, 2017, said that the competent authority in the Power Division Ministry of Energy has been pleased to lift the ban on recruitment to BS-1 to BS-16 posts.

“All the heads of the organisation are directed to carry out the recruitments in the above-mentioned categories as per earlier circular conveyed, in transparent manner, after strict fulfilment of all the formalities under the rules, observance of the constitutional quota i.e. provincial, regional, women, minorities, disable quota and adherence to all the instructions, rules, policies on the recruitment conveyed from time to time without any failure,” said a letter of Ministry of Energy issued on December 5, 2017, carrying subject lifting of ban on recruitment in BS-1 to BS-16.

Energy Ministry’s letter also said, “As an observation of the competent authority the recruitment must invariably and strictly be merit-based.”

Earlier, power division federal minister imposed an embargo on recruitments in power sector and faced criticism from public and political parties coupled with the initiation of legal proceedings. However, the power division, on finding criticism and legal battle, withdrawn its order and lifted the ban on recruitment only in BS-1 to BS-5 posts. But, the ban on recruitment was challenged in Islamabad High Court (IHC), requesting the court to direct the authorities to complete the recruitment process in the interest of law and justice.

The ban on recruitment in the power sector was challenged in IHC on November 11, 2017, through a writ petition under Article 1999 of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973. The petition filed by Syed Manzoor Hussain Kazmi, an employee of Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO), seeking from the honourable court (IHC) to set aside the circular of ban on appointments vide No.1 (1) 2015-Admin dated October 17, 2017, and direct the authorities to complete the recruitment process in the interest of law and justice.

A copy of said writ petition available with Pakistan Today pleaded from the IHC that the ban imposed on appointments on the order of federal minister is illegal, against law of natural justice as educated young male and females are going to be overage. And, such type of acts on the part of authorities plays with the future of the young generation. Similarly, the imposed ban on the appointment on the order of federal minister power division is taken just to accommodate the blue-eyed chaps on the principle of favouritism and nepotism.

Challenging the powers of the federal minister regarding imposing a ban on recruitment in power sector, the petition said the only power division federal minister has imposed a ban while the federal government has not imposed the ban than how can a minister in ‘fanciful exercise of powers’ can impose the ban.

“That the ban imposed by a federal minister in his own capacity without the sanction or approval by the federal government is illegal, unlawful against the law of natural justice and the fundamental rights of the petitioner and public at large, on this score alone the instant petition is liable to be accepted and the impugned ban order is liable to be set aside,” said the petition.

The petitioner in his plea declared that the petitioner and this petition were not against the recruitment but against the illegal process of recruitment and arbitrary acts. He also raised that the petitioner has no other remedy except to file the instant petition and the honourable court is vested with the jurisdiction to decide the matter on merit rather than technicalities. He further pleaded that the imposed ban on the appointment on the order of power division federal minister was taken just to accommodate the blue-eyed chaps on the principle of favouritism and nepotism. More, the other connected matters already pending before the court of Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kiayani and the instant matter may also be fixed before the same bench. Furthermore, the petitioner and other employees have applied against the vacancies on different posts based on 33.33 per cent son quota of water and power development authority/IESCO but the ban was imposed, said the writ petition.

Earlier on March 8, 2015, the authorities advertised 1,568 posts and thousands of candidates applied and millions of rupees were collected, in which the 87 candidates were selected in officer category in violation of the rules of the FPSC. A private recruiting company, RESOURCE Access, was given the task of conducting a test for inductions from grade 1 to 16 and 17 to 19, a defaulter from Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan. But, after the inquiries of NAB and FIA, the entire process of appointment was declared as null and void. However, the authorities/IESCO had again advertised 1124 vacancies for the scale 1 to 16 in the month of May 2017 instead of 1,568 vacancies and allowed NTS to collect applications along with a processing fee of up to Rs 500 from candidates.

Ahmad Ahmadani
The author is an investigative journalist. He can be reached at [email protected]


  1. Thanks to Almighty Allah
    Congratulation to the workers and officers of this very sector, who were facing hardships due to shortage of staff since many years
    Officers and officials of power sector remained in trouble, many of them lost their lives, during performing their duties, many become disabled.
    Unfortunately, the federal government always interfared, placed oncompetant, inexperience heads of institutions of this very important power sector, which effect the all fields of life.
    Division of power sector into Disco’s and giving the control of these very impetent , side to inexperance and controversial just to accommodate their blue eyed chap’s put Pakistan in to darkness, resulting, unemployment increased, industrial sector effects badely

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