FBR gets record breaking 2.1m income tax returns


The Federal Board of Revenue has received a record shattering 2.1 million tax returns for the year 2018.

The news was shared by Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, on his twitter account, who tweeted saying “So far 2.1 million people have filed their tax returns, which is the highest in the FBR’s history. FBR has projected a target to enhance these returns numbers to 4m for the tax year 2019.”


At the same time, the FBR has also decided to issue notices to at least 100,000 non-filers who own a house larger than five hundred square yards or a vehicle over 1,000 cc.

The board has been time and again extending the deadline for filing returns for a long time in an effort to broaden the tax net. This will be the first time notices will be issued, indicating that there will not be very many more extensions.


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