Pak-China JWG stresses crop productivity, technology transfer


ISLAMABAD: The first meeting of the Pak-China Joint Working Group (JWG) on Agriculture has agreed to focus on the vertical increase in productivity of existing crops, transfer of knowledge and technology.

Both sides agreed to protect germplasm resources in order to increase the production of agricultural products for food security in Pakistan as well as for export to other countries, according to a press release issued on Friday.

The JWG met National Food Security Secretary Dr Hashim Popalzai on Friday to deliberate upon the execution methods with regard to the projects identified in the field of agriculture.

Both sides agreed to establish technical linkages between research institutes for accreditation and certification in the agri sector.

The Pakistani side offered to organise joint workshops and seminars in order to enhance cooperation on agricultural technology between the two sides.

The Chinese side agreed to provide technical assistance to Pakistan on dates processing and packaging technology. It also agreed to extend the ripened techniques and system of dry-land, deserts and coastal land agriculture to Pakistan.

It was decided that under-mulch-drip irrigation techniques would be applied in main cotton growing areas of Pakistan, while in the demonstration areas of water-saving irrigation, techniques including sprinkle irrigation, micro-sprinkle irrigation and drip irrigation would be extended.

During the meeting, it was also agreed, on the basis of cooperation in protection and control of animal epidemics, to enhance the regional management of animal epidemics and foot and mouth disease free zone with the technical support of experts.

The federal secretary said Pakistan has made a visible progress towards entering the next stage of FMD free zones.


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