SBP allows one-year moratorium on consumer loans’ principle

KARACHI: In a major development keeping in view the coronavirus situation, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has said that banks and development finance institutions (DFIs) would defer the principal amount on consumer loans for one year to facilitate borrowers in the wake of covid-19, the bank announced on its official Twitter account here the other day.  

The SBP said that borrowers availing consumer finance for auto, housing, and personal loans and credit cards, who were regular on their payments up till December 31, 2019 could request banks to defer principal amount for one year without fee or increase in mark-up. They would continue to service the mark-up amount, it added.

“Borrowers who are unable to service the mark-up amount or need deferment exceeding one year, may request the bank to reschedule/ restructure their facilities,” it further said. 

“If the rescheduling/restructuring is done within 180 days of the loans being past due, such financing facilities will continue to be treated as regular,” it added. “Borrowers would be able to request for deferment or principal amount of rescheduling/restructuring of loans at the Call Centre through recorded lines from registered number or from their authorised email addresses,” the bank concluded. 


  1. I need wanted to take loan for business intrestless .I will start my business with small investment eg 20 millions I would able to provide 12 persons employment or more, Initially my production for city level it will be increased by the grace of God National level Inshallha. Thanking you

  2. Regarding recent decrease in key interest rates by State Bank of Pakistan which was surprise as we see prices of all other things that is dollar, gold, commodities, gas & electricity bills etc going constantly up. Hence the interest rates whatever were needed to be enhanced rather contrarily declined.

    The funds in banks are public hard earned savings and not the property of government or SBP and need to be given appropriate return in the form of interest to cover ever increasing all round prices and maintaining purchasing power of their rupee holdings in banks. Instead giving decrease in interest to those who borrow from banks out of saver funds for facilitating ever increase in prices of their commodities at the cost of victimising saver is sheer injustice.

    The Government or the state bank thus don’t own the funds in banks have no right to decrease interest particularly when prices of everything going up and should reverse the decision by fixing interest rates at 25%.

  3. My name is Mansoor Dar & live in islamabad.

    Due to Covid-19. i have use my all C-Cards Balance and there are a lot of liabilities on me.

    I am not be able to Payoff these amounts. The amount will be Apporx PKR 160,000/-

    Need your support.


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