PTA rebuffs media report, terms VPN registration process ‘simple and swift’

Refuting a recently published media report titled ‘How PTA’s Corporate VPN ban could cripple small IT businesses and startups’, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has clarified that contrary to the news item, legitimate users can easily register their VPNs, through their service providers, without any charges. 

The report published in Profit Magazine of Pakistan Today on 22nd June.

“The process is straight forward, simple and swift,” the PTA maintained in a statement issued on Wednesday. 

As per the statement, “A public notice informing all users to register their VPNs was advertised in newspapers. The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) were also informed to follow the simple process for registration of VPNs of their clients. For registration, the users have to send a simple filled in form to their service providers to register their VPNs. However, the procedure is being further streamlined and simplified to facilitate all users.”

It stated that the PTA would not disrupt the services of legitimate users since the only focus is to contain the grey traffic which is affecting legal businesses.

“Further, it is regretted that the newspaper did not contact PTA for its official version, which could have made the news item balanced and accurate.”


  1. This is not easy show a single ISP website where there is any application form or way to do this. PTA is blinding people and trying to their own corruption……

    if you are PTCL home user for 4mb, you will have to go through to corporate package, plus have to have a register company.

    What kind idiots we are dealing with.


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