MD Careem Pay quits less than a month after company announces expansion plans

ISLAMABAD: Careem Pay Managing Director Junaid Iqbal has decided to part ways with Careem.

According to sources at Careem, the former MD had some differences with Careem CEO Mudassir Sheikha. However, according to their Pakistan chapter, the move has come simply as a way for Junaid Iqbal “to move on” to his next chapter and “there have been no differences between the management as such”.

“Junaid joined Careem in 2015 helping establish Careem in Pakistan. He went on to also lead the team in Saudi Arabia before becoming head of the Careem Pay business unit in 2019. We are extremely grateful for Junaid’s many contributions to Careem and wish him the very best in his future endeavours,” Careem said in response to Profit’s request for comment.

Junaid Iqbal has been the managing director of Careem Pay — the financial wing of Careem — since August 2019, prior to which he had served as the managing director for Careem as well. His decision to leave the company comes less than a month after Careem has announced its Super App as well as future plans on expanding Careem Pay to evolve from a closed loop wallet into a potentially proper online store.

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Syeda Masooma
Writer is business reporter at Pakistan Today


  1. Careem is the worst company in the world just only think about customer not about captain they just listened to customer

    • Yes you are right. Even i m the first captian n vandor of careem in karachi. In the beggining there were so friendly but later on they just served the customers they didn’t cared about the captains.

    • Sallam
      Sir mai ap say mafi mangta hon k mai ny jo bhai ghlti ki hai careem captain hony k doran jis ki waja say meri id block hoi hai hai
      I am sory sir plz id un block kar dejy plz mai job na hony ki waja say buhat pareshan hon plz plz sir

    • Mark My Words that Careem is heading towards its Down fall. Bcoz of its Foolish most Management & Policy Makers.

  2. Careem is taking too much commission from the captains and no benefits for captains that’s why many captains r not doing work and they have doing so other work careem policy are not good for captains they r taking 25 to 30% commission so many of the captains leaving careem and Uber

  3. It was a good news earlier when the online transport services were started in the country but later the life became a little difficult for those who were completely dependent on them.
    I live at Seaview where public transport isn’t available most of the times.
    Govt must let the middle class use these services without any interruption.

  4. I Left using Careem service due to repeated exorbitant/ excessive billing where in i was asked to pay amount equal to almost heli charges while using a mini go service . Careem did not do anything for correction, in spite of complaints.

    • For Captains who the part of management no benefits and no security. They not listened their captains and penalized them for nothing. No good pay structure. Therefore I left .

  5. I am using careem now for almost 3 years. But it got worst from last one or 2 months fairs are high and mostly the captains cancelling rides when they came to know that destinations are away. After some research I found out that the company takes most of the chunk of money these captains make and also ended the bonus system they had for them previously. It’s such a pitty act if they are doing so. It certainly will face downfall with unhappy employees

  6. Careem is the safe haven for Pakistani people, at least we know where our loved one are travelling. This online service has given jobs to millions of people jobs.

    Why we have to always look for negative.


  8. Yes you are right. Even i m the first captian n vandor of careem in karachi. In the beggining there were so friendly but later on they just served the customers they didn’t cared about the captains.

  9. Assalam o aliakum to all guys, I am using Careem from last 2 years. Personally I have found it very attractive & beneficial. Where I live, it is difficult to manage public transport so it is very convenient for me to call Careem. More than this if I am out of station without my own transport, Careem is one of my best options. It is also safe as compared to many other public transports. May it is not much beneficial for captions especially now. But by this service, not only we have got alternative transport option but also new full time/part time line of work.

  10. i worked for careem in the begining ibwas earning handsome amount,but now the income has dramatically dropped and its no use to work with careem, actually it is loss after calculating all expenses whereas careem and uber both companies are earning billions with zero investment.

  11. Sir mera account low rating pr block howa hai 1 month howa hai ma apologise karta ho i humbly request hai please reopen my account 3.5 year sy careem k sath ho 1360 trips kiye howay hai my contact 923228003221

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