Bread, bakery items to get more expensive as Eid approaches

KARACHI: Manufacturers of bread and other bakery items have decided to increase prices by over 11 per cent in the last week of this month ahead of Eidul Azha., a national daily reported.

The Karachi Bread Association (KBA) has also planned to raise the school bun price from November 2020 by Rs5 to Rs15, when schools are likely to reopen. As per new prices, which have been mutually approved among KBA members, the mini-plain and milky bread will cost Rs40 and Rs41 as compared to Rs35 and Rs36, the present rates.

The price of small bread has been increased to Rs60 and Rs61 from Rs55 and Rs56. Large plain bread may be available at Rs110 instead of Rs100. The price of burger roll has been raised by Rs3 to Rs20 and bran bread and pillow pack rusk pack prices have been increased by Rs 10 each, to Rs90 and Rs80, respectively.

KBA General Secretary Haroon Iqbal, while speaking to media, said that the price of maida (super fine flour) had risen to Rs2,950 per 50kg [an increase of Rs 825] followed by hike in sugar rates to Rs87 per kg from Rs58 since last year.

He said that  imported raw materials and products like preservatives, improving agents and emulsifiers make up for 22 percent of the total cost of bread and over the past year, the prices of these items had surged by 25-27 percent due to devaluation of the rupee against the dollar.

He said utility bills’ rate has also swelled by 30-35 percent in the last year, thus pushing the cost of manufacturing up. “If the maida price further rises to Rs3,100 per 50kg then consumers may have to brave another jump of 10 percent increase in rates of bread and other items,” he said.


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