Smog fallout

It is known in this week the air quality in Lahore reached hazardous levels while during November it was recorded as approaching a shocking high of AQ1500.The situation is neither new nor unexpected for several years and now the month of December has brought. Besides chilly weather a suffocating blanket of smoke and pollutants that effects not only everyday life movement, but also has a debilitating effect on the public health. Also it is report that in Lahore hospitals the allergies and respiratory illnesses are increase. Other health problems such as smokers cough have become more pronounced and prevalent than before. By inhaling pollutant laden air expectant in low income areas and damaging the health and also the unborn bodies. The global alliance on health and pollution estimated air pollution related deaths in Pakistan to be around 128,500 in 2019. It is ranking third highest among the ten countries with worst air quality and Lahore stood six the among top ten cities with air quality. The authorities need to address this issue immediately before it gets out of hand.

Mahikan Sarwar


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