Importance of B.ED and M.ED

According to the Education Minister Sindh, there are more than 37000 vacant positions in schools throughout the Sindh and Sindh Government is going to fill in all the positions step by step through third party IBA Testing Service. In this connection, IBA has displayed test papers of JEST and PST on its website and Sindh Government has also issued a notification regarding test syllabus. According to the Education Minister, the requirement of B.Ed and M.ED has been removed this time so that maximum candidates may participate in the test.

In 2018, IBA conducted a commissioned level test for the recruitment of JESTs and ECTs with B.ED and M.ED requirements, hardly 25% of candidates qualified the test. But it can easily be said that all the qualified candidates were competitive and talented ones who are now teaching in different schools with great enthusiasm and zeal.

Removing the condition of B.ED and M.ED for teaching will cause anxiety and stress among those candidates who are connected with the teaching field and are preparing for the upcoming tests. B.ED is a technical degree like other jobs. If we apply for a dispenser, we are required to take a dispensary course, a doctor can not apply if he/she doesn’t have an MBBS degree, a lawyer can not apply untill he/she gets LLB degree. Every technical job requires a technical degree or a technical course. B.ED and M.ED is also a kind of technical degree for teaching. In this course, many teaching methods are taught fom KG class to Secondary level. School and classroom management, lesson planning, school assembly, time table record keeping, administrative matters, each and every thing related to school and teaching is taught. Before becoming a teacher, one has to be familiar with all these terms. Though the quality of service delivery of teaching B.ED and M.ED course institutes may vary but for teaching in school, the requirement of B.ED and M.ED should be applied. The education system of Sindh is already fail due to lack of qualified and trained teaching staff. This is the time for Sindh Government to rethink over its decision. Keeping on view the sensitivity of this issue as this is the matter of future of our children.

Ali Gul Leghari


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