Industry 4.0

Today technology brings anything with ease. There have been technological advances aplenty. As a result, industrial changes have started taking shape. On top of it all, Cyber Physical System-CPS- deserves special attention as CPS is crucial to Industry 4.o. In fact, computer-based algorithms control the whole Cyber Physical System. The whole idea behind the CPS and Industry 4.o has been just simple and as interesting. In fact, a network of interconnected machines create and share information digitally. A plethora of equipment, both physical and software, are well intertwined paving the way for the CPS. The Cyber Physical System has been declared a crucial research area by the forum called National Science Foundation- NSF based in the US. The NSF has conducted so many workshops on CPS so far. For instance, the specially designed Robots have been trained to take care of tomato plants at Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT. Technically, it is the sensor node fitted into the plants and wireless network that do the magic here. By the way, communication exchanged through this system helps create rapport between the plants and Robots without human intervention. Quite surprisingly, the English syllabus had even covered such revolutionary methods as mass production during my early college days in my native places like Korkai, Tiruchendur, Tuticorin and Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu in the late 1990s. By the way, the so-called Innovation 4.o is part of digitization, meaning digitising the manufacturing processes. As a result of this, the factories will become much more productive optimising the operations, thereby improving business at the end of the day. Last but not least, it is also high time to safeguard human resources and keep the human touch intact in industry.

P Senthil Saravana Durai 


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