Pakistan to import cotton from Central Asian states

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has decided to import cotton from the Central Asian states through Torkham border, it was learnt on Wednesday.

According to sources, the Ministry of Commerce has sought the ECC’s approval to import cotton from Afghanistan and Central Asian states, including Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

The Economic Coordination Committee will take up the MoC’s summary on cotton import on Friday.

As per the data released by the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, cotton production in the country would most likely clock in at 7.7 million bales this year, as against the consumption of 12 million bales. Cotton ginners, on the other hand, estimated 5.5 million bales for the year.

Sources said that MoC has also requested the food ministry to make arrangements for fumigation at Torkhum border. In addition, they added, the government is mulling to import cotton and yarn from India.

Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce Razzaq Dawood shared in a tweet on Wednesday that the prime minister has expressed serious concerns over the shortage and escalating prices of cotton yarn. “The PM has instructed [officials] to take necessary measures, including cross-border trade of cotton yarn, to keep the momentum of value-added exports,” he added.

According to sources, APTMA is currently exerting pressure on the government, asking it not to allow cotton and yarn import from India as some millers have allegedly hoarded the commodity owing to which rates were high in the market.

Presently, the price of cotton is at an all-time high of Rs12,000 per maund.

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Shahzad Paracha
Shahzad Paracha
The writer is a member of Pakistan Today's Islamabad bureau. He can be reached at [email protected]


  1. We need to strengthen indigenous Cotton Research Institutes, such as Pakistan Central Cotton Committee. APTMA is still not paying Cess to PCCC, Resulting in Starving of PCCC Scientists with out their salaries. As you sow, So shall you reap. With out strengthen research, Production can not be Increased. Mafias do not care the country they just seek their own benefit. Govt. should take the PCCC scientists and Cess should be collected by FBR, for the smooth running of research activity to make our country sustainable.

  2. Cotton production is low because farmers are switching to higher-earning crops. This is not a bad thing.

  3. Indian cotton will always be cheaper than Central Asian cotton, just like Indian wheat will always be cheaper than Russian or Kazakh wheat.

    If Pakistan is dreaming that India will bring back article 370 in Kashmir then they are bigger fools than I previously thought, India will never bring back article 370 or make Kashmir a separate state.
    Indians will continue to buy land in Kashmir and till the demographics in the favor of Hindus.

    But if Pakistan wants to trade with India then India will welcome its step son with open arms.

    • Dear sir , we will always be Indian k BAAP size land does not matter but the heart will to be good neighbors and be humble sweet loving caring If all Hindus convert to Muslims problems will be solved otherwise be ready to bear the wrath bohat maar paray gi India ko laanat beeshummaar for being arrogant rude mid behaviour as always may Corona teaches India to be caring sensible but I think kutt khaa k raazi hoon gai dirty unhygienic India

      Hate will only spread hate grow up India stop acting cheap
      Be humble

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