SBP reserves up $4m to $13bn

The foreign exchange reserves held by the State Bank of Pakistan rose 0.03pc on a weekly basis, according to data released by the central bank on Thursday.

On March 12, forex reserves held by the SBP were recorded at $13,019.7 million, up $4 million compared with $13,016.1 million in the previous week. The central bank gave no reason for the increase in reserves.

Overall, liquid foreign currency reserves held by the country, including net reserves held by banks other than the SBP, stood at $20,159.1 million. Net reserves held by banks amounted to $7,139.4 million.


  1. The increase of $ 4 million in the reserves of the State Bank of Pakistan is a good news for Pakistan, but now the State Bank of Pakistan will have to keep this money safe from the Pakistani Army. The Pakistan Army can take this money of the SBP at any time and can use it in the development of its weapons. Or maybe this money can be used to spread terrorism in neighboring countries. In fact, Pakistanis should worry more about increasing their foreign reserves than how to save their money from the Pakistani army.

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