Exports to UK post 31pc growth in 10MFY21

Pakistan’s exports to the United Kingdom (UK) surged by 31 per cent during the first ten months of the current fiscal year (10MFY21).

“We are glad to share that during Jul-Apr 2021, our exports to UK have grown by 31 percent to USD 1.709 billion from USD 1.309 billion in Jul-Apr 2020,” informed Advisor to Prime Minister for Trade and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood, adding that these are the highest-ever exports to UK in a 10-month period.

The advisor further informed that remittances from UK also increased by 62pc during the July to March period (9MFY21).

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“I encourage the exporters to consolidate their exports to UK. I also commend the efforts of MOC’s Trade & Investment Officers, Pakistan Trade Mission, London and Pakistan Trade Officer, Manchester and urge them to facilitate more our exporters and investors,” he said.

United States of America (USA) remained the top export destinations of Pakistani products during the first three quarters of financial year (2020-21), followed by United Kingdom (UK) and China.

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