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In this day and age, we all love sharing information on social media. According to Global Research Summary 2022, about 60% of the world’s population is now online and connecting with each other without boundaries and limitations. This has led to a flurry of information-sharing on as internet enabled gadgets and devices are more and more accessible.

A major part of information sharing involves personal details of your daily activities, like sharing picture of your food on instagram, or ranting about work issues on twitter, right? So you’ve been sharing your stories just for the sake of networking and entertainment and no tangible outcome, or in other words, an incentive. But what if I tell you that sharing your stories can now make you win something as tangible as a car? Sounds like a click-bait, no? Well it’s all true!

Suzuki, Pakistan’s renowned automobile brand, has come up with a fun-filled competition, My Suzuki My Story, a platform for its users to put across their Suzuki experiences, creatively. The avenue started off 2 years back with an aim to go down the memory lane and gather stories of how Suzuki has been impacting lives of its users for decades. Currently, the platform has grown into a mega forum for creative enthusiasts to share their creativity and even we have seen adventurous souls and car enthusiasts win exciting prizes last two seasons.

To make a bigger mark, Suzuki has also taken on board famous content and digital creators such as Ukhano, Bekaar Films and Ali Gul Pir. The prizes too have gone from big to grand and we have cars such as the all-new Suzuki Swift in the prize mix along with Suzuki Alto, to Gixxer GR150 and GS150 etc. The entries are already and coming in! To be a part of this year’s celebration of creativity just share your entry at www.mysuzuzkimystory.com.pk right away!

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