Three-tier structure of Special Investment Facilitation Council outlined

Government adopts Chinese, Indonesian models for armed forces’ utilization in specific areas

The government of Pakistan has decided to adopt strategies similar to those implemented by China and Indonesia concerning the utilization of its armed forces in specific sectors.

As per a report by BR, the decision was officially communicated through a notification from the Board of Investment (BoI), which outlines the formation and functions of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC).

Here are the details of the three-tiered structure of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC).

1. Apex Committee – SIFC:

The Apex Committee of SIFC will include the following members:

  • Prime Minister
  • Federal Ministers from various key ministries, including Planning, Development & Special Initiatives (PD&SI), Finance, IT & Telecom, National Food Security & Research (NFS&R), Power, Water Resources, Industries and Production, Defence, Defence Production, and Investment, Law & Justice
  • Chief of the Army Staff
  • Provincial Chief Ministers (by special invitation)
  • National Coordinator from the Pakistan Army
  • A Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, who will serve as the Secretary to the Apex Committee.

2. Executive Committee – SIFC:

The Executive Committee of SIFC will consist of the following members:

  • Minister for Planning Development and Special Initiatives (PD&SI)
  • National Coordinator from the Pakistan Army
  • Federal Ministers from Defence, NFS&R, IT & Telecom, Power, Information & Broadcasting
  • Ministers of State for Petroleum, Finance
  • Provincial Ministers from Agriculture, Mines and Minerals, IT, Energy, Board of Revenue, Irrigation, Finance, Planning and Development, and Investment
  • Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SIFC Secretariat)
  • Provincial Chief Secretaries
  • Director General from the Pakistan Army (SIFC Secretariat)
  • Secretary from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Secretary from the Board of Investment (Secretary SIFC Secretariat will act as the Secretary to the Executive Committee).

3. Implementation Committee – SIFC Secretariat:

The Implementation Committee of SIFC, coordinated by the SIFC Secretariat, will include the following members:

  • Special Assistant to the Prime Minister
  • Secretary from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Director General from the Pakistan Army
  • Secretary from SIFC Secretariat (BS:21)/ Additional Secretary (BoI)
  • A representative from the Pakistan Army
  • Five Sector Coordinators
  • Five co-coordinators from ex-Pakistan Army personnel (A dedicated Additional Secretary from the Board of Investment will serve as Secretary to SIFC Secretariat, as well as Secretary to the Executive Committee and Implementation Committee)
  • Co-Opted Members: Finance Secretary, Secretary from the BOI, Secretary from the Economic Affairs Division, Chairman of the FBR, Deputy Governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) (to be nominated by the SBP Governor), and Provincial Focal Persons.

Sectoral Divisions:

The SIFC will be divided into various Sectoral Divisions, each focusing on specific areas of interest:

  • Defence Division (i) Defence Secretary; (ii) Secretary Defence Production; (iii) representative of Pakistan Army; (iv) representatives of SPD, DGDP and DPEs.
  • Agriculture Division (i) Secretary, Ministry of NFS&R; (ii) Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources; (iii) representative of Pakistan Amy.
  • Mineral Division (i) Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum; (ii) representative of Pakistan.
  • Information Technology Division (i) Secretary, Ministry of IT & Telecommunication; (ii) Pakistan Army.
  • Energy Division (i) Secretary, Ministry of Power; (ii) Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum; (iii) Secretary, Ministry of Industries and Production;(iv) representative of Pak Army and; (v) representative of FWO.

Key Objectives of the SIFC:

The SIFC will primarily concentrate on investment and privatization in five critical areas: Defence, Agriculture, Minerals, Information Technology and Telecommunication, and Energy (hereinafter referred to as the “Relevant Fields”). Its core functions include:

  • Acting as a Single Window for multi-domain cooperation in the relevant fields, with a particular focus on GCC countries and other nations, to facilitate investment and create an enabling policy environment.
  • Developing a long-term roadmap for growth, development, and investment in the relevant fields, while seizing immediate opportunities.
  • Raising awareness of Pakistan’s untapped potential in these sectors.
  • Improving the ease of doing business by eliminating systemic and bureaucratic obstacles, optimizing coordination between federal and provincial levels, and expediting decision-making and project implementation.

In line with practices observed in countries like China and Indonesia, the SIFC will coordinate the utilization of Pakistan’s Army for specific purposes.

To ensure effective progress monitoring, the Apex Committee, Executive Committee, and Implementation Committee will convene quarterly, monthly, and fortnightly meetings, respectively, to oversee the development of each Sectoral Division.

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