PM presents awards to 65 top exporters, compliant taxpayers

Taxpayers were honored for their substantial income tax contributions across different categories

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif awarded 65 top exporters and compliant taxpayers for their significant contributions to the economy.

The award giving ceremony, held at PM Office, highlighted the contributions of approximately 40 leading exporters from various sectors including textiles, sports, surgical goods, pharmaceuticals, foods, and steel.

Additionally, taxpayers were honored for their substantial income tax contributions across different categories, including companies, Associations of Persons (AOPs), and individual taxpayers.

Recognitions also extended to business income taxpayers with notable growth, entrepreneurial taxpayers, SMEs, significant contributors through foreign direct investment (FDI), and entrepreneurs from underdeveloped regions.

The government also took the opportunity to appreciate Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and first-time tax filers for their notable tax payments, extending special incentives to high contributors.

A distinct feature of the event was the diverse recognition categories, covering top IT exporters, significant non-textile exporters, first-time exporters with exports over $10 million, exporters of non-traditional products, women exporters, and those showing notable growth from the previous year.


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