PSX records $82.9mn foreign portfolio investment inflows in July-April

Rise is primarily attributed to country's improving political and economic conditions

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has witnessed a surge in Foreign Investor Portfolio Investment (FIPI) during the ongoing fiscal year, marking a net inflow of over $82.920 million from July 01, 2023, to April 09, 2024. 

This increase is primarily attributed to the country’s improving political and economic conditions.

The PSX has experienced a bullish trend driven by revived interest from both local and foreign investors, bolstered by institutional support. Consequently, the benchmark KSE-100 index reached its historic highest-ever level, closing at 70,315 points.

According to the latest data from the National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL), a net inflow of over $16.366 million has been registered in the current calendar year, spanning from January 01, 2024, to April 09, 2024. 

During the first six trading sessions of April 2024 alone, the market saw a net inflow of over $8.036 million under the FIPI account.

Foreign portfolio investors remained net buyers of shares during the past week, with a net inflow of $4.181 million compared to $3.9 million in the preceding week. 

Major foreign buying was witnessed in the All Other Sector ($3.2 million) and Commercial Banks ($0.8 million), while selling was reported by Banks/DFIs (net selling $4.9 million) and Individuals (net selling $3.2 million).

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