FPCCI calls for using solar power for energy security

FPCCI said Sunday that Pakistan is blessed with enormous solar potential and it can generate around three million megawatts of electricity from the solar source.

“Focus on solar power is essential for energy security which will not only fulfil all our needs but that of dozens of other nations as well”, said Chairman of FPCCI Regional Committee on Industries Atif Ikram Sheikh.

He said that our government spends about 12 billion dollars annually on the import of crude oil, out of which 70 per cent of the oil is used to generate power that costs us Rs18 per unit.

Shifting to solar energy can help reduce electricity costs down to Rs 6 to 8 per unit which can help millions of people in Pakistan not connected to the national grid, he added.

Atif Ikram Sheikh said that the cost of solar power has come down substantially, therefore, it should be focused upon.

He informed that global usage of solar power jumped from 5 GW to 227 GW during 2005-2010, while the cost of power generation has been reduced from 76 dollars per KV in 1977 to 3 cents.

Therefore, he said, Dubai has started establishing an 800mw solar power project which will provide electricity at a cost of 3 cents per unit.

Pakistan has a matchless potential for solar, wind and other renewable forms of clean energy but it is way behind China, India and Bangladesh, he said, adding that time has come for the government to promote renewable sources to ensure energy security.

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