Rs1.96 per unit refund will be provided to electricity consumers this month: NEPRA

A Rs1.96 per unit refund has been ordered to be provided to customers this month said National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) in a notification issued to all distribution companies on Thursday. According to NEPRA, electricity customers had been overcharged in April.

NEPRA stated that the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) had added fuel cost to the hydropower generation knowing it was a renewable source of energy. The notification mentioned that NEPRA had rejected the appeal of CPPA for reducing Rs1.75 per unit in light of lower fuel prices than forecast for April. The forecast fuel cost per unit had been estimated at Rs7.63 per unit which turned out to be actually Rs5.78 per unit, so the regulator called for a refund of Rs1.96 per unit to be passed onto customers this month.  CPPA reported NTDC transmission losses of 2.48pc during April 2017. The reported losses are lower than the Authority’s assessed transmission losses of 3pc.


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