PEW demands protection of ‘vibrant’ poultry industry

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Sunday said vibrant poultry industry should not be burdened with additional taxes as it could hamper the progress of the industry.

The Rs700 billion industry should be facilitated, taxes and duties on imports should be reduced and refunds should be paid to it which will result in the creation of jobs, increased revenue and foreign exchange earnings, said Dr Murtaza Mughal, president of PEW.

These steps will bring prices of poultry products down which will help masses to overcome the deficiency of animal protein, reduce health and food security problems, he said, adding that unabated smuggling has already increased the price of beef; as masses cannot afford to eat mutton and now beef which has left them with the only option to consume poultry products.

Dr Mughal said that poultry industry is growing by 10 to 12 per cent annually despite all the odds which must be protected lest it pushes millions on the brink of the health crisis. Per capita egg consumption in developed countries stands at 300 to 400 eggs while the rate is 60 in Pakistan which needs to be improved.

He said that decent, healthy and sufficient diet has already reached out of the buying power of the masses which has resulted in disease, low productivity and compromised growth rate. The worst affectees are poor mothers who are compromising on their food to feed their children, he said.

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