Employment ban within power sector lifted merely on papers

ISLAMABAD: The much-awaited process of recruitment in power sector has still not started as heads of power sector companies are allegedly using delaying tactics towards recruitment in BS-1 to BS-16 posts on the advice of higher authorities, it was learnt.

Sources in power sector informed that top management of the power sector companies is reluctant either to start recruitment on vacant slots or to follow the verbal instructions of the authorities passed regarding the new appointments. They said the energy ministry lifting an embargo placed on recruitments in power sector has so far been proved only to be a political gimmick as the process of appointment has still not been initiated. And, the announcement pertains to the lifting of the ban is limited to the papers only. They said all companies’ heads have been verbally instructed by their authorities concerned not to recruit any person without the approval of the Ministry of Energy.

“Power sector companies are faced with a serious shortage of technical staff but their management is using delaying tactics only because of the verbal instructions passed by the higher authorities of the energy ministry,” said sources.

An official at energy ministry, however, denied passing of such instructions by the top authorities. They said all the heads of DISCOs (power distributing companies) have been directed to carry out the recruitments in BS-1 to BS-16 posts in a fair and transparent manner after strict fulfillment of all formalities under the rules, observance of the constitutional quota i.e. provincial, regional, women, minorities, disable quota and adherence to all the instructions, rules, policies on the recruitment conveyed from time to time without any failure. And, the delay is also because of some necessary process involved in the new appointments, they added.

It is pertinent to note that energy ministry had earlier placed an embargo on recruitments in power sector, which was challenged in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) and the honourable court (IHC) in its order declared that federal cabinet can impose such ban not the ministry of energy.  And, the energy ministry, on finding severe criticism from public and political parties coupled with a legal proceeding, lifted the ban on the recruitment in the power sector on December 5, 2017. However, not a single recruitment has been made so far. Also, not a single offer letter is issued to those selected candidates who have already successfully passed tests, and interviews conducted so far on different occasions to fill the slots.

Earlier on March 8, 2015, the authorities advertised 1,568 posts and thousands of candidates applied and millions of rupees were collected, in which the 87 candidates were selected in officer category in violation of the rules of the FPSC. A private recruiting company, Resource Access, was given the task of conducting a test for inductions from grade 1 to 16 and 17 to 19, a defaulter from Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan. But, after the inquiries of NAB and FIA, the whole process of appointment was declared as null and void. However, the authorities/IESCO had again advertised 1124 vacancies for the scale 1 to 16 in the month of May 2017 instead of 1,568 vacancies and allowed NTS to collect applications along with a processing fee of up to Rs 500 from candidates.

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Ahmad Ahmadani
The author is a an investigative journalist at Profit. He can be reached at [email protected]


  1. Ban was imposed by federal Minister for water and power (Energy Division)
    On his personal capacity just to accommodate / induct their blue-eyed chaps on the basis of favoritism and nepotism as they inducted thousends of daily wagers without advertisments during the BAN 2010 to onwards, put Pakistan in the way of darkness,
    Shortage of technical staff throughout Pakistan.
    ALM’s Blue-Eyed Chaps
    Working in the offices being deskjob officials, having no skills trsing of their original Jobs. ..for which they were appointed.
    Resulting, when they went to the field for perform their duties, because of non awareness of job training, they met with fatal accidents, money of them becomes disabled, or lost their lives,
    All that happening under the nose, but no one taking action.
    Everyone’ is busy in making money, corruption and corrupt practices is order of the day.
    A Mafia controlling this very important deportment, non technical, inoffeciant officer placed at the crucial position’s
    Mr Tahir Basharat Cheema was the only engineer, who was appointed as MD PEPCO,
    After his retirement, non technical blue eyed persons involves in corrupt practices, appointed as MD PEPCO, just gain financial benefit for their ulterior motives,
    Billions of Dollars of Pakistan, gone drowned the drain because of this.

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