Suzuki increases its cars’ prices again

KARACHI: After increasing its cars prices in January this year, Suzuki has again increased prices with Wagon R to be sold at Rs11,64,000 instead of Rs11,14,000 after a minor upgrade.

Mehran VX price has been jacked up by Rs20,000 and it will now be selling at Rs709,000 while Mehran VXR will now be bought at Rs 762,000 instead of 742,000. Cultus also saw a price hike of Rs20,000, which will now be selling at Rs12,70,000.

Ravi, Bolan and Bolan Cargo prices have also been increased by Rs20,000 and would now be bought at Rs726,000, Rs784,000 and Rs750,000 respectively. Swift NAV-MT and Swift NAV-AT will now be selling at Rs14,05,000 and Rs15,41,000 after a price increase of Rs30,000.

Pak Suzuki spokesperson told Pakistan Today that the increase in car prices was due to rupee devaluation. He added that the price increase earlier in January this year also had the same reason.

Moreover, he added that Wagon R VXL has been upgraded therefore its price has been increased.

Suzuki had also suspended Wagon R booking earlier in February due to supply chain issue, but have resumed bookings.

Bilal Hussain
Bilal Hussain is a Business Reporter at Profit by Pakistan Today.
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