Budget 2018-19: Government presents Rs2043 billion total PSDP for FY 2018-19

ISLAMABAD: Government has presented a total national development outlay of Rs2043 billion for the financial year 2018-19.

As per the budget documents, the total Public-Sector Development Program 2018-19 has been set at Rs 2,043 billion including block allocation of Rs 100 billion for new projects by next government.

As per break-up of approved National Development Outlay 2018-19, Federal PSDP has been fixed at Rs 930 billion including Rs180 billion of foreign aid. Rs1013 billion have been allotted for provincial ADP including Rs 159 billion of foreign aid.

With the addition of Rs100 billion block allocation for next government, the total National Development outlay has been fixed at Rs2043 billion. The total foreign aid for the PSDP, ADPs in financial year 2019 will be Rs339 billion.

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The PSDP size including PPP mode financing has increased from Rs1,001 billion in 2017-18 to Rs1030 billion in year 2018-19 which shows an increase of 3 percent. Provincial ADPs would be Rs1013 billion.

A major part of the Federal PSDP 2018-19 about 63 percent of the size has been earmarked for on-going projects. Total number of schemes in the PSDP 2018-19 is 1235 including 726 ongoing and 509 new schemes.

As per sector wise allocation of the PSDP 2018-19, Rs575 billion have been distributed for infrastructure which included Rs80 billion for power sector Rs237 billion including Rs157 billion of self-financed, Rs400 billion for transport and communication, Rs65 billion for water and Rs30 billion for physical planning and housing. For social sector Rs 135 billion have been allotted which included Rs57 billion for education (including higher education), Rs37 billion for health and population welfare, Rs5 billion for Pak SDGs Community Development programs and Rs 36 billion for others.

For Science and information Technology, Rs12 billion have been assigned. For governance, the allocation is made of Rs18 billion. Rs72 billion have been assigned for Special Areas (AJK, GB, FATA). For production, Erra and TDPs and security enhancement etc. (managed by Finance Division) Rs5 billion, Rs8 billion and Rs05 billion respectively making the total allocation Rs930 billion. With inclusion of block allocation of Rs100 billion for next government the total federal PSDP of 2018-19 has been fixed at Rs 1030 billion.

As per the documents, Rs458 billion have been assigned for 44 ministries and divisions in the next budget. Allocations of the Rs4.6 billion, Rs125 million, Rs1.1 billion, Rs15.2 billion, and Rs8.3 billion have assigned for Aviation division, Board of investment, cabinet division, Capital administration and development divisions respectively.

Climate change division, commerce division, communication division, defence division, defence production division, economic affairs division, establishment division, federal education and professional training division, have been allotted Rs802 million, Rs1.5 billion, Rs14.4 billion, Rs640 million, Rs2.8 billion, Rs70 million, Rs175 million and Rs4.3 billion respectively.

Rs18.1 billion, Rs199 million, Rs46.6 billion, Rs5.4 billion, Rs300 million, Rs1.7 billion, Rs1.6 billion, Rs3.04 billion have been allotted for finance, foreign affairs, HEC, Housing and works division, human rights, industry and production and information & broadcasting respectively.

Inter provincial coordination, interior, Kashmir Affairs, law and justice, maritime affairs, narcotics control, national food security and research, national health services, national history and literary, Pakistan atomic energy commission, Pakistan nuclear regulatory authority and petroleum have allocated Rs3.5 billion, Rs24.2 billion, Rs51.2 billion, Rs1.02 billion, Rs10.1 billion, Rs251 million, Rs1.8 billion, Rs25.03 billion, Rs55 million, Rs13.4 billion, Rs300 million and Rs943 million respectively.

As per the budget documents Rs27.5 billion, Rs370 million, Rs40 billion, Rs63 million, Rs2.5 billion, Rs2.6 billion, Rs28.2 billion, Rs200 million, Rs4.7 billion, Rs280 million and Rs79.5 billion are being allocated for planning and development, postal services, railways, religious affairs, revenue, science and technology, states and frontier regions, statistics, suparco, textile industry and water resource division respectively.

For corporations including National Highway and NTDC/PEPCO Rs 237 billion have been fixed in the next budget. NHA has been assigned Rs201 billion while the remaining Rs36.1 billion for NTDC/PEPCO.

Rs 5 billion for special provision for completion of CPEC projects have also been allotted. For IDPS, Rs45 billion and for security enhancements Rs45 billion have been assigned in the budget. Rs5 billion have been fixed for cess. Rs 100 billion have been allotted for PPP mode financing.


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Ghulam Abbas
Ghulam Abbas
The writer is a member of the staff at the Islamabad Bureau. He can be reached at [email protected]


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