Pakistan, Egypt pledge close liaison as Cairo Summit concludes

ISLAMABAD: The second and concluding day of the ‘CPEC-BRI Cairo Dialogue and Trade Summit’ kicked off with a plenary session on ‘Security Outlook: Balancing International Politics and Economics’.

The session was moderated by Major General Muhammad Samrez Salik. The speakers for this session included distinguished dignitaries from both Pakistan and Egypt. Addressing the summit, first speaker Muhammad El Elkeshy reminded the audience that Egypt and Pakistan have been brothers not only in times of peace but also in the times of war. Further, HBL Chief Operating Officer Sagheer Mufti demonstrated the potential of the digital market.

Other speakers in the session included Air Vice Marshal Asad Ikram, Major General Jaffar and Air Commodore Ghazanfar.

The topic for the second session was ‘Industrial Revolution: Battle for surplus value- the value chain paradox and supply chain strategy’. The session was moderated by Dr Shazia Ghani, while the speakers included officers and representatives from not only the brother countries but China as well.

Air Vice Marshall Asad Ikram pointed at the positive response the markets were showing to the new opportunities. He further voiced his willingness to collaborate with our Egyptian brothers. Another speaker in the session Dr Wang Jinzhao talked about the industrial upgradation for China, Pakistan and Egypt in response to globalization. Dr Alaa Essa the representative of the Egyptian Federation of the chamber of commerce and industry highlighted Egypt’s strategic importance and what Egypt has to offer. He discussed the potential for the land market, Egypt’s geostrategic location at the crossroads of trade and the potential to expand into the African continent.

Mazhar Ali Nasir, voicing Pakistan’s commerce industry, discussed investment opportunities in Pakistan’s changing digital landscape. He stated how MoUs are a thing of the past and both countries need more focused and faster ways to connect and process things in an intellectual manner. The representatives in the session voiced their willingness to sit and work together.

The 3rd session was titled ‘Defence Production and Security: The challenge of smart defence and hybrid warfare’. The said session was moderated by Lt Gen Asif Yaasin Malik and the speakers included representatives from the highest echelons of Pakistani and Egyptian armed forces.

The 4th session was a special session titled ‘Emerging Pakistan Women Trade and Enterprise’. This special session was moderated by Dr Shabana Fiaz and the speakers included eminent women representatives from Egypt and Pakistan.

The 5th session of the day was on ‘Trade Communication the Information Communication Revolution: Strategic Trade Communications and Image Building’. The mentioned session was moderated by Salman Masood and the speakers included HE Fathi Youssef, Sumaira Nazir Sadiquee, Farzana Noshab and Dr Shen Qui and Aamir Ghauri.

The 6th session was titled ‘Small and Medium Enterprises-Battle for surplus value’. The last session was moderated by Dr Shabana Faiz and the speakers included Minister of Commerce Ayesha Humaira and Engr Hassan El Shafei.

The summit was concluded with a press conference chaired by SASSI University President and Chairperson Dr Maria Sultan.

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