Social media increasing outreach of female-owned home-based enterprises

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ISLAMABAD: Social media has changed the face of female entrepreneurs running home-based enterprises in the twin cities as there has been an increasing trend of household start-ups for food, clothing and other home-made items where women working from home were selling goods to online buyers.

Stay-at-home women were not lagging behind working women in terms of creating their own means of income using social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram for selling homemade food or different style of clothing.

Asma, mother of two running an online food delivery business in Rawalpindi, said that the idea of generating her own income while sitting at home was intriguing. “With two minors at home, I can’t go out to work daily, I created my own Facebook page advertising my food items and received adequate response initially. But once I established my repute as credible entrepreneur providing quality food, my business started flourishing,” she said.

Another young entrepreneur, Sara from Islamabad, said that after completing her education, finding job was difficult in this economic situation. “At the suggestions of my friends and family, I started my own line of clothing with a small investment and used Instagram for advertising for my brand,” she said.

Sara said that she owns a small shop in Aabpara market now. “On my online outlet, not only I sell my own brand but I also display the work of women working from home but their work is undermined by big brands and they are paid with less wages,” she added.


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