Cement exports surge 16.48pc in four months FY20


LAHORE: Cement exports from the country grew by around 28pc to 798,000 tonnes in Oct 2019, as against 616,000 tonnes in the same month of 2018.

The surge in cement exports was particularly seen from the southern region, which rose by 48.75pc, from 0.352 million tonnes in Oct 2018 to 0.591 million tonnes in Oct 2019. Exports from the northern region grew nominally from 0.264 million tonnes in Oct last year to 0.265 million tonnes in Oct 2019.

According to data released by the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA), cement exports increased by 16.48pc to 2.81 million tonnes in the first four months of FY20, compared with 2.41 million tonnes in 4MFY20.

Exports from the northern region during the first four months of this fiscal were 0.95 million tonnes, 5.64pc less than 1.01 million tonnes exported during the same period last year.

However, in view of complete closure of the Indian market, the decline was not that sharp.

Experts said that exports from the southern region almost matched the domestic consumption as the region exported 1.85 million tonnes of cement during July-Oct 2019 period. They said that the growth in cement exports from the south was 32.5pc, as it grew from 1.397 million tonnes.

Data showed that in the first four months of this fiscal, cement manufacturers despatched 16.117 million tonnes of cement, 4.53pc higher than 15.419 million tonnes despatches during the same period last year.

The local despatches were 13.312 million tonnes in the said period this year, 2.3pc higher than 13.011 million tonnes local despatches in 4MFY19.

The mills situated in northern part of the country despatched 11.451 million tonnes to the domestic market, 11.14pc higher than the domestic dispatches of 10.304 million tonnes during corresponding period last year.

The south zone despatched 1.861 million tonnes of cement for domestic market in the July-Oct 2019 period, 31.27pc less than 2.707 million tonnes despatched during the same period of last year.


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