Corruption rife in Customs as one official mints ‘Rs700m per month’

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s startling revelation that a Customs collector was illegally earning an exorbitant amount of Rs700 million per month has triggered a serious debate among the concerned quarters.

However, sources have confirmed that the prime minister was talking about Quetta Customs Collector (Appraisement) Mr Raza, who was allegedly involved in corrupt practices.

Raza is a grade-20 officer of Pakistan Customs, serving as Quetta Appraisement Collector since February this year.

According to the sources, owing to Raza’s close ties with the incumbent Customs Operation Member, he remained on important positions throughout his 24-year service.

Last month, Quetta Customs (Appraisement) Deputy Collector Muhammad Ibrahim was transferred to Islamabad’s internal audit dept owing to corruption allegations.

“The department is full of corruption and nobody, including the Federal of Revenue chairman, is paying any heed to the matter,” sources said.

Recently, Customs Intelligence-Peshawar had confiscated smuggled pomegranates worth millions of rupees. The department had written a letter to the FBR chairman in this regard, highlighting the involvement of Customs officials working at the Pak-Afghan border. However, Shabbar Zaidi ignored the issue while the powerful officials continue to hold their positions in the area.

Sources further claimed that the FBR was also not bothered about the Federal Tax Ombudsman’s order regarding the misuse of the import-cum-export facility in respect to gold, jewellery and other precious metal, resulting in a massive loss of revenue (around Rs68 billion in two cases) to the national exchequer. The FTO had maintained that the Customs Operation Member, along with other senior officials, was involved in the said misuse.

Meanwhile, President Dr Arf Alvi had recently rejected the present Customs field formations and had directed the tax department to take action against the involved officers. However, as per sources, no progress was made to this end.

FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi did not reply to Profit’s questions regarding Quetta Customs Collector (Appraisement) Mr Raza.

However, when asked about the corrupt practices by officials posted at Torkham, the FBR Chairman replied, “We are trying our best to eliminate the menace of corruption from the department.”


  1. People should pay their taxes so that more such officials can continue to live comfortably. Corruption is their right!

  2. Issue is that Balochis in general are quite corrupt by nature and are incredibly power hungry. They like to subjugate the masses once gaining power.
    The Sindhis are even worse, corrupt to the core and what differentiates them is their absolute hatred for doing work – any kind of work, or any effort to justify the position they are given. They like shortcuts or jugaars and never ever heard of hardwork. They just want to party, that’s all. Corruption khappay.
    Pathans are more loyal but their brain muscles are not very strong and hence they are easy to dupe. They are also quite selfish and have different moral & ethical standards for themselves /their families and different for others. Due to this, they can cheat and yet won’t even be ashamed of that.
    Punjabis just want to show of to their relatives, friends, neighbours, strangers and even their cats. They like to make big beautiful houses and properties and buy expensive cars to tell everyone that they ‘made it’ in life.

    With nationalities like these within the same country, no wonder Pakistan is in a mess. No focus on education or human development. Not saying that everyone is like that as mentioned above, but majority is like that and that’s the problem. Address that and you will see the country progress.

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