Textile exporters perturbed as cargo transporters strike enters sixth day


FAISALABAD: Textile exporters are perturbed as cargo transporters strike entered 6th day on Saturday.

Textile exporters said that their business and exports orders have been badly affected since truckers have gone on strike. They said they would not be able to complete the exports target in this condition. They have urged the government to take steps for resolving the issue.  The cargo and goods transporters strike have parked vehicles on roads and have stopped loading and unloading activity to protest against Motorway Police for refusing to follow the Axle Load SRO 2000. They urged the government and the motorway police to implementation of the Islamabad High Court order with regard to the enforcement of the Axle Load Management.

Cargo vehicles have been parked on roads in Karachi, resulting in suspension of shipment of consignments from the Port Qasim and Karachi Port.

The talks between Governor Sindh Imran Ismail and representatives of transporters failed earlier in the week. The United Goods Transport Alliance has announced to continue strike till acceptance of demands. The transporters said that they would stop loading and un-loading activities till further orders. They have established a protest camp at Kathore near Karachi and over 7,500 heavy vehicles involved in goods transport have been parked in Kathore and Hawkesbay truck stand.

The cargo supplies across the country came to a halt on Monday. The transporters said that the decision of the Islamabad High Court over the matter was not being implemented and the Motorway Police was refusing to follow the Axle Load SRO 2000. More than 300,000 goods transport vehicles ply on the road across the country, while over 17,000 cargo vehicles run from Karachi to other parts daily.


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