Pakistan to resume trade with China in next 10 days


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is expected to resume trade activity with China in the next 10 days,  said the Ministry of Commerce in a statement, Arab News reported. 

In this regard, the Ministry of Commerce held a special meeting with the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) and Pakistan’s commercial counselor in Beijing in the wake of challenges arising due to outbreak of the coronavirus in China. 

The statement of the ministry said that the commercial counselor in Beijing “apprised the participants that although there are slight delays in shipments … normal trading activities are expected to resume in the next 10 days.” 

The intermediate goods’ stock cover was sufficient for between six and eight weeks, while the ministry “is cognizant of the situation and is keeping a constant eye on the issue,” the statement read, adding that Pakistan has “significant reliance on China” from where it “sources bulk of its raw material, intermediate and capital goods.”



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