FBR proposes ‘electronic fiscal devices’ for integrated enterprises

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has proposed the installation of electronic fiscal devices for integrated enterprises.

The tax department on Thursday issued the draft of online integration of businesses, asking the likely to be affected people to submit their objections and suggestions within seven days.

According to FBR, integrated enterprises comprise of businesses related to “restaurants, hotels, motels, guest houses, marriage halls, marquees, clubs (including race clubs), courier and cargo services, beauty parlours, clinics and slimming clinics, pedicure centres, medical practitioners and consultants, pathological laboratories, medical diagnostic laboratories (X-rays, CT scan, MRI imaging), health clubs, photographers, accountants and pharmacies”.

“Registration is compulsory to start above stated business in eight big cities, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan and Peshawar,” the FBR proposed. “It is also compulsory to install electronic fiscal devices and software for the online integration of businesses.”

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As per the draft, a person shall notify the board through the computerized system of all establishments from which they intend to carry on business, and shall register each Point of Sale (POS) to activate the integration, duly providing the POS’ registration number, name of business, branch name, address, identification number and registration date.

In addition, the department has proposed that no sale or services from the establishments shall be rendered without being recorded by the duly accredited electronic fiscal devices (EFDs), which means a system composed of one sale data controller (SDC) and at least one POS connected together and it can receive, record, analyse and store fiscal data of the businesses.

Moreover, POS is also bound to print a clear and legible invoices or bill of each transaction, copy of which will be provided to customers, containing the QR code, FBR fiscal invoice number, name of business, national tax number and name and location of notified establishments.

The EFDs installed at each notified establishment shall be tamper proof and all the data recorded thereon shall be backed up at an offline site.

Documents further state that PoS shall communicate all the transactions made from the notified establishments to the FBR through EDF, and SDC shall be capable of generating and sending alert messages resulting from any malpractice or error or any other inconsistent action.

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